Current reads.

Hello. This is to share with you what I am reading. Books that have been read will show the date of completion, followed by a short review.

Milkweed – Jerry Spinelli. 26/08/15.
Historical novel about a boy living in Warsaw Poland during the time of war. The main character, Misha, is quite unaware of the events taking place around him; he’s even unaware of whom he is. Misha makes a friend, Uri who seems violent, but in more of a caring way to our main character. On one night of stealing food, Misha meets a girl – a Jewish girl, by the name of Janina. At first Janina is a kind girl that you’ll love, but as the story progresses, becomes your most hated in the book. Her attitude all plays part with the events, so it is necessary. The book was very good, and contained great amounts of detail towards there ways of living and surviving – stealing. At points it feels as if the book itself is just about that. You do become lost within this young boys tale, though. Sadly, in my opinion, the ending was rushed. It left me feeling that the book would have been better if finished during the time-set of war, where the writer had an open opportunity to end this story. 4/5.

Pandora Hearts – Jun Mochizuki. (1-24.)
Currently reading book 17. Based around the classic children’s story: Alice in wonderland, Jun Mochizuki takes a more darker turn on the story. The main character, Oz, is about to turn 15. Before his “Coming of Age” ceremony, him and his close friend Gilbert (Who is also a servant for Oz,) find a goldenPandora16 watch lying upon a grave. Oz stupidly decides to keep the watch, which [without telling any spoilers,] brings him to a Chain whom looks like a girl. This chain called Alice has lost all her memories and tags along with Oz to find them, whilst Oz is in search of why he was dropped into the Abyss.

Life On The Refrigerator Door – Alice Kuipers. 03/09/15
A nice quick-read, Life On The Refrigerator Door starts as a collection of short, simple notes felt on a refrigerator door. At first these notes seem like they could never tell a story – starting with the much needed groceries – but then unfold the story of a Daughter whom is always with her friends, or older boyfriend, and the mother who is always busy at work. During some parts of this book, these notes are the only times they communicate with each other. Without spoiling much – the mother becomes greatly sick – how the mother feels is told within these now much longer notes, along with how her daughter is effected too. Nice way of showing two-sides to a story. 3/5.

Love, Stargirl – Jerry Spinelli. 09/09/15.
The sequel to Stargirl. This book is most likely the longest letter in the world to Leo, her once boyfriend. If you’ve read the first book – you’d know that Stargirl has moved States and is so very far away from Leo now. Stargirl writes this letter in dairy form, giving us and Leo an idea of what her life is like now. This book is much bigger than the first, but all that means is there’s more to love. 4.5/5.

I haven’t updated this in so long! I have read other books, that will just be put into a simple list, without review nor completion date.
Other books:
Lyra’s Oxford
The Railway Children.

Books started:
Muhammad: Man and Prophet
Muhammad – All That Matters Collection
Patrick Moore On Mars

(I will most definatlly write reviews on the three books listed above, as they are all great books.) Update posted on 17th October 2015.


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