Silence needs to be appreciated more. With our hectic lives, how often do we get silence? I mean complete silence. Not a sound to be heard. No cars driving past. No talking. No sounds of footsteps; just silence. Even with a slight background noise, the feeling silence brings can be achieved… it brings a sense of being “here”.

A feeling I had been missing. I lost track of how long. My ears seem sensitive to the daily lives of us all – I wish for silence. A time to reflect and a time to be alone, with yourself. How much time do we spend to ourselves… without the unnecessary? When was the last time we stayed in silence to admire the life around us? The stars within their galaxies, the nature and what’s beyond. Our minds can only reach so far – do you know your minds limits? It might be good to test them. How long can you stay in silence –  the only sounds being of the earth?

Exploring is something we all enjoy, but little numbers of  us explore ourselves; our minds. Our minds are rarely at peace, the world ties us war bound with our own spirit. Silence can be liberating, silence can be pure. A burden lifted off your soul. Ponder on the verses of your Lord whilst you spend time with your soul.


A.b.R. — A note to bring me back: to earth, to peace and to WordPress. It’s been sometime, but all the time was well-needed. The time was, you could say, a spiritual cleansing, that is still within process. To be completely honest with you, it seems to have only just started.



Nothingness is a common feeling. An emptiness inside, seeking a fulling. The days and nights pass, all like nothing ever happened. Time is worthless, days are worthless. It all means nothing to me, yet it’s all I am – nothingness. Clocks swish past, striking midnight before I can gain a feeling of realization. Then, the  cycle repeats. An emptiness that kills all motivation once lived. The feeling that life is all but a lie, something false within our minds. Disconnection sinks lower. Feeding from the inside, it becomes apart of me. Awaking in the night, never sleeping during the day. All inside the mind, it drags me through this play. The world is just like a mirror. Reflecting my thoughts, seeping into the bottomless pit.

The unbreakable mirror of dreams is all we are in.

The unbreakable mirror

that we’re all trapped inside.


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Boy Receives Scholarship After Photograph Of Him Studying On Street Goes Viral

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Homeless Filipino Boy Studying On Street

A homeless Filipino boy has been overwhelmed with aid after a photograph of him studying on the pavement using faint light from a McDonald’s outlet went viral on the internet.

Nine-year-old Daniel Cabrera will now be able to fulfil his dream of becoming a policeman after donations of cash, school supplies and a college scholarship poured in, his mother, Christina Espinosa, said on Friday.

“We’re overjoyed. I don’t know what I will do with all of these blessings,” said Ms Espinosa, a 42-year-old grocery store employee and domestic helper. “Now, Daniel will not have to suffer just to finish his studies.”

Daniel-Cabrera Receiving Scholarship

The photograph, posted on Facebook last month by a college student, showed Daniel doing his homework on a wooden stool placed close to a McDonald’s window to catch the light from the store.

The 20-year-old medical technology student, Joyce Torrefranca, captioned her Facebook post: “I got inspired by a kid.”

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