Eyes – Poem.

Your tail
soft and white
dancing off
the roof-tops
As you leap
to your destiny.

Whiskers feel
the air glide past
paws touch
the cold stone

The water sinks
though your fur
the waves come
crashing in.

The stars shine
beaming down
lighting up
the pathway.

Didn’t I tell you,
there’s a world
all in those
eyes of yours?

As you sit in the cafe,
sipping on your coffee

A world is projected
from your eyes
and I am
the observer.

A.b.R© Royalbluue©

Hello, readers. I haven’t been doing so well lately, so that is the reason for a lacking in poetry. I hope you are all doing well, and writing amazing works. I am more active on Tumblr in this moment in time, (Not posting any writing material) which can be found here and on my information page. ♡Thank you♡


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