Masquerade – Introduction // Circus of Love.

Many people wear many masks.
Their masks hide the evil within themselves,
formed by another.

They wear masks of kindness,
masks of love,
masks of hate
and masks of neglect.

Many people wear many masks.
The only way to protect yourself
when with them, is to be like them.


Join the masquerade,
the ever lasting,

Hide your emotions
behind the mask of
so you’ll be to blame.

The true emotions of the maskers
is a complex puzzle,
as even they themselves
are uneasy.

Joyful smiles
at the circus,
all too much fun
for a dying soul.


Join the masquerade,
as your soul becomes a problem
of the past.

Join the masquerade,
it’s not like
you have a choice.

You’ll forget how long you’ve been,
every soul here cursed with amnesia.
Join the masquerade,
O what fun it is indeed.


Forever lost
in the tale of lies;
it’s not like
the truth was ever told.

The masquerade,
for those who drag
there feet through life.

The masquerade,
your new home for eternity.
Switching masks by the day,
the feeling of depersonalization
kicks in play.

* * *

W E L C O M E    T O    T H E    C I R C U S

T H E   C I R C U S    O F    L O V E . . .

* * *

Calling out for help,
Like a child in distress.

Calling out for your hand, like it be Gods.

How I trusted you,
I regret, I regret.

May God forgive the ways we acted,
and may God forgive,
How much I relied on you.

Our pasts became the future,
whilst we disregarded the present.
May God forgive – May God forgive.

We see our future as something of a blur,
Our future so far out of mans reach.

But somehow still,
you took hold firmly.


Masquerade is something I’ve been thinking about for sometime now. Based from past feelings and events – it’s getting a bit hard to write them down as time passes. I wished to write about what effected me most, but knew that I would be leaving other people’s privacy at the door. I didn’t wish to do so. Poetry like in Masquerade is the type of poetry I would love to make a book out of.

RoyalBluue©. A.b.R.©


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