Infinity dreams award.


Awards on WordPress are something I only became aware of a few days ago. They seemed cool and fun to be apart of – but never did I think I’d be doing this so quickly!
Firstly, I must say a thank you, to mikiren for nominating me! It’s the first time I’ve been nominated for anything here, so it is a big thank you you’re receiving. Secondly, the name of this award is ever so lovely. [What odds, that I have only just awoken from a nap, huh?] The name makes it feel that little more special.

I’ve had many dreams; some stay and others go. A bit like people. As this award is about sharing your dreams and what you wish of life, It’s my turn to share. I hope you enjoy!

Dream No.1: Go to Jannah!  If you’re a Muslim and this isn’t your dream, I’m worried! Going to Jannah would be beyond amazing. Knowing I lived my life how God sees fit? That my good deeds overpowered the bad? Oh yes, yes, yes! It’s a dream anyone would have. To be in Jannah and meet Mohammad and Adam and Jesus… [Peace Be Upon Them] it’d be the best thing ever. To stand in front of my Lord and for him to tell me I did good… What more could I need in the next life?

Dream No.2: Be as close to God as possible.  A dream that I do ever so hope becomes a reality. Even if the dreams and wishes below don’t come true, I’ll still be very pleased with my Lord. I wish to be seen as a great Muslim in the eyes of God, as his view on me is what counts. [Something as a side to this: to be able to pray on time!]

Dream No.3: Live in [Lisbon] Portugal.  Still I am unaware of what drags my mind to Portugal. Maybe its the nice Portuguese men [Keeping it Halaal] …or the language. I would like to learn Portuguese, as at the moment I know only little scraps. I can say small sentences like Eu sou uma menina… Eu veste um camisa… But that really is not enough. I’d love to have a little apartment with a good view and be there with my future husband. [Oh, how cringe worthy this is already.]

Dream No.4: Become a published writer.  Improving my writing skills will get me here, I believe. I’d love to have a series of Children’s Books, and to have a book~collection of poetry. I wouldn’t want to be worldly known, nothing like that, but make enough money out of the works, and to know my Children’s books are making some child sleep better at night.

Dream No.5: Meet my Mother.  This last one is a bit of a personal one. It’s something I’ve been putting off for too long, so I do think it is something that is in need of doing. Meeting the woman whom birthed me, having a long conversation with her and telling her all about my life’s journey. My curiosity would love to know what she’s been up to as well. I feel like now that it’s out there on the internet, and will be read by others, I am more likely to do so. What’s the point of having a blog if you never get a little personal, anyway?

I nominate Kim881 and The Drunken Jukebox. I do like their writings. Going onto WordPress and seeing lovely poems is all calming, so make sure to check them out. Thank you for reading!


2 thoughts on “Infinity dreams award.

  1. Hi,
    I know the Words Warrior. I actually teach Islam at my school. Congratulations on your award. I help bloggers at my site. I am looking to expand my following. You said you would check out other’s blogs. If you could use blogging tips, click my name and check my blog out. Nice to meet you.


  2. Thank you very much for the nomination, A’Shadieeyah. You are very kind about my writing. I assume that I now write a blog about this, with a list of my dreams and two nominations, which I will do now. Once again, many thanks!

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