⬜️Another World⬜️

A world that is different from my own. A world where it’s dark when seen with my eyes, a world where nothing has to make sense. I stand in shallow waters, ripples form around my legs. The ripples stay young, although I stay still. It seems as if nothing lies ahead of me, yet everything to come will change me.

Water drips as I stand onto the platform. A white, slim, glowing platform. Only heading in one direction, I continue walking forwards. The sound of bells ring as ripples are formed by a nothingness in the water. The water that surrounded all. As I come to the end of the path, a beam of light hits me. A round room is formed. Walls pale, glass thin, a girl sits on the mirror like floor. Her white hair kissed the ground, eyes lost in the reflection. See looks up to see my brown, dark eyes, and in shock, she peers through. Her silver eyes scream – they scream as they pull me in. The rooms distorts and breaks, causing my body to plummet. I fall softy onto a mirror. A mirror so intriguing, I place my hand upon. Sinking through, I feel new, I feel lost from my inner self. The world around me, becomes unknown, the world around me, becomes a dream. I breathe in the water. The water that drags me deeper.
I breathe. I breathe in a perfume of musk, followed by the smell of roses. I see the path in front  of me. A garden of white roses bust from out the water. I step upon the path, which crackles at my welcoming. I walk ever so slow, the sounds of the path failing for a life time means nothing to my ears. I walk to find… the girl.

She jumps and leaps, with a bit of a weep, and raps her arms around me. A kiss on the left, a kiss on the right, my cheeks become like fairy dust. She takes my arm. She takes my arm and places my hand upon the mirrors of floors. The mirrors flip, whilst she smiles, her laughter of insanity numbing my soul. As she sits on top, it seems, I have become…

Her reflection. My hair grows at the speed of sound, becoming whiter than snow. My eyes, O my eyes, become of a red – like hells fire. I have became a reflection. A meaningless thing of this world, a reflection to be seen by none. I look down to see… My world.



RoyalBluue©. A.b.R.©


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