Nothingness is a common feeling. An emptiness inside, seeking a fulling. The days and nights pass, all like nothing ever happened. Time is worthless, days are worthless. It all means nothing to me, yet it’s all I am – nothingness. Clocks swish past, striking midnight before I can gain a feeling of realization. Then, the  cycle repeats. An emptiness that kills all motivation once lived. The feeling that life is all but a lie, something false within our minds. Disconnection sinks lower. Feeding from the inside, it becomes apart of me. Awaking in the night, never sleeping during the day. All inside the mind, it drags me through this play. The world is just like a mirror. Reflecting my thoughts, seeping into the bottomless pit.

The unbreakable mirror of dreams is all we are in.

The unbreakable mirror

that we’re all trapped inside.


RoyalBluue©. A.b.R.©


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