Postcard of China.

Fireflies tingled in my feet (;;) drifting me away. (;:;) up into the sky, (;;) O how the stars shine bright. (;:;) floating by the moonlight, (;;) feeling the air glide through my mind. (;:;) Stopping by a well known place, (;;) I take rest, (;:;) under your shade of protection. (;:;) If only everyday (;;) could be (;;) like this. (;:;) The postcard I keep (;;) in my chest (;;) a secret admirer my heart may be. (;:;) Longing for your Postcard, (;;) the postcard I will never see. (;:;) The postcard from China (;;) the postcard you’ll never send. (;;) The postcard from China, (;;) the one you’ll never write. (;:;) I long for your postcard, (;;) O the postcard (;;) that I will forever be awaiting. (;:;) The blood splattered postcard from China (;;) my heart forever keeps.

RoyalBluue©. A.b.R.©


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